My work is motivated by my role as a woman in today’s society. I create wearable pieces depicting female archetypes-past and present. Jewelry as a metaphor exemplifies "those things" we carry around with us and the utilization of modern, traditional, and primitive techniques and materials represent jewelry through the ages.

Freedom, which comes from the recognition of our intuition, strength, compassion, history, fertility and our Creator, intrigues me. Women have made great strides. We dare not step down from the pedestal we have earned. This is the challenge.

Some of my stories:

Flower, Fruit and Seed Series that began in the 1990’s talks about the three stages of a woman’s life, Flower = before puberty; Fruit = child bearing years; Seed = the barren woman. I always had a close relationship with my mother and my grandmother and these memories continue to inspire me to celebrate the generations of strong women in my family.

Collect the Fragments utilize broken seashells and other found objects, usually representing angels, celebrate the beauty and usefulness of even the most broken pieces of God’s creations. These are like gifts from nature that tell me stories. My inspiration comes from Mark 8:1-9 where Jesus feeds over four thousand people with seven loaves of bread and then the story tells us that he instructed his disciples to collect the broken pieces that were left over and they filled seven baskets!

The Eye of the Hurricane Brooch Series: Hurricanes cause upheaval, destruction and disruption in our lives…they shake us up and knock us down, but force us to rebuild, modernize and grow. The Eye, at the Hurricane’s center, is characterized by calm, clear skies…a break in the storm giving us rest, even though we know there is more chaos to come. In life we weather our own storms. We survive and we celebrate, eventually learning that the bigger the devastation, the greater the victory. When the brooch is not worn it rests on a compass where my right eye replaces her right eye. This is my personal symbol of turmoil and rebirth.

The Keys are inspired by the fairytale of Bluebeard as told by Clarrissa Pinkola Estes in her book Wild Women Who Run with the Wolves. Keys are my symbol for reaching a new level of consciousness and being less naïve. The questions she draws our attention to, are: What stands behind? What is not as it appears? What do I know deep down in my ovaries that I wish I didn’t know? What of me has been killed or lays dying?