Fractals Series: The inspiration for this group of work came from listening to Valetta Eshbach, Professor of Mathematics at Penn State Berks discuss fractals and the Mandelbrot set. Her discussion led me beyond the human body and the human consciousness, to other forms in nature. We see how the structure of an atom reflect the structure of a galaxy, or the tiniest element of a fern repeat itself as it grows into the larger plant reflecting the same shape, and in the Mandelbrot sets as the mathematical equation repeats itself make more beautiful forms. Artists have been influenced by this iteration and self-similarity as inspired by nature and math for centuries.

As an artist who makes wearable art objects, I have employed linkage systems to create articulated body adornment. The concept of fractals and the way the Mandelbrot sets “grow” remind me of linkage systems. Repeating the same or similar shapes to create a larger object with a similar shape was achieved with casting techniques and with photocopies. Just the right engineering allows these repeated shapes to become wearable fractals and symbols of my personal journey as a woman.